How to change strings on a cello

Published: Aug 16, 2020  |   Category: Uncategorized

Many beginners are a bit anxious about changing or replacing broken strings at first, and usually I walk them through during a lesson, doing it myself the first time.  But, now that we are having no-contact lessons, it's best to do it yourself! I can still walk you through during a lesson, if you wish.

Here are two good videos.  The first one shows you stem to stern, so to speak.  The second one gives a close up of how to "lock" your strings on the pegs to lessen the chance of slipping. Watch that you don't have so much sticking through the peg that it will scratch or buzz against the peg box or another string, though!

Remember, only loosen and change one string at a time to keep the bridge and sound post in place!

Keep your old string, if not broken, as an emergency back up! I usually place them in the envelope the new string comes in, and write the date on it so I know how long the string has been on the cello.


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