What are You Doing This Summer?

Published: Jun 24, 2020  |   Category: Uncategorized

Some things to consider for summer:
Catch up or get ahead - missed a lot of practice? It's been a tough year for some of us! Take the summer to fill in some missed time and move ahead in your regular Suzuki or Royal Conservatory repertoire.
Or, do you want to change things up?? Here are some ideas!
Change of genre - need a change of pace from "classical"? Want to focus on Jazz, Fiddle, Improvisation, or something else?
Write your own - focus on writing and/or playing your own compositions or variations on pieces you already know!
Ensemble playing - I can have multiple students at once outdoors! Share the cost of lessons, play duets or trios!
Crochet - yes, I teach that, too! laugh
Have you tried taking your practice outdoors? (just avoid the sun or really hot or wet days!)
Practice performing - call or zoom friends or family, take some videos to share, or to evaluate at lessons, or pull up a curb for some busking? (I think there are some regulations within Salmon Arm, at least if you're asking for donations...)
Super listening! - Put those recordings on and immerse your brain to get ready for next year! Or put on advanced recordings and dream about your future! Paint or dance while listening?
Theory or History - There are online programs and theory books (look at my list of links on this website), or you could read about composers or periods of music.
Practice Bingo - Ask me for a sheet if I don't get one sent out! It's fun to have fun...
Set a practice streak goal - Can you play every day for a week, a month?
Christmas in July - Why not?
Sight reading - Just play new things every day, you'll be surprised how it gets easier and easier! I have music to loan for this!

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