Video of the "Week": Summer Listening Challenge/10 Beautiful Classical Cello Pieces

Published: Jun 18, 2018  |   Category: Uncategorized

Summer Listening Challenge!  

Choose one classical cello or orchestral piece and listen to it 40 days in a row!

Some ideas:
Watch different performers (preferably professionals) play it on video some days..
Listen with your eyes closed sometimes.
Hang a chart somewhere you'll see it to remind you to listen. and both have great color-in charts! Find one with 40 or two with 20 things to color?
Can you imagine a story line that follows the music? 
Are there different moods expressed?
Find a copy of the music to follow along with ( 
Do you know why you liked it enough to choose it?
What do you notice later that you didn't notice at first?
Do you find you like it more or less by the end of 40 days?

Here is a video to get you started... Not MY list of favorites, though I do love some of them!  This is just a sampling.  Look for the full video (or if you like, choose one movement if it's a longer work) and decide if you like it enough to listen to it 40 days in a row! 


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