New Blog for My Students!

Published: Nov 10, 2016  |   Category: Video of the Week, Cello Lessons

In the past I have used a separate blog for "Video of the Week" and some other cello related content.  Now that Music Teacher's Helper offers a blog connected with my website, I thought it might be easier for my students to find it here! 

Feel free to visit my other blog for past videos! If you don't want to wade through pictures of my other hobbies (of course you are welcome to!) you can use the tags in the right hand column to limit your browsing to cello related things or videos.

Video of the Week is designed to be:
- an introduction to music history and cello culture
- an exploration of a variety of genres
- sometimes includes additional technical instruction
- and is for your inspiration and enjoyment! 

It is included as part of the program your tuition covers, but you will benefit from this feature only if you actually "tune in" and watch!

I try to announce on my studio Facebook page when the week's video has been posted.

Stay tuned!

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