Enriching lives through music

Hello!  My name is Barb Ennis. 

I teach individual and group cello lessons in Salmon Arm to students from preschool and up - and love it!  I teach using Suzuki and Royal Conservatory repertoire, as well as other fun things!  I am a registered Suzuki cello instructor, and use an individualized play-based Suzuki method in young children's lessons, and many of the Suzuki principals with all students.  Parents of young children will learn the basics, too! You can find out more about me, my cello studio, and the Suzuki method by clicking on the different pages in the left side bar. 

If you are interested in cello lessons for yourself or your child, please use  "Registration" or "Contact" for email on the left to set up a free, no-obligation meeting.  Please speak with me before buying or renting a cello.

Even if your child isn't ready yet for lessons, I'd love to meet with you if you would like some head-start pre-cello ideas you can use yourself at home - no charge.



A few things I believe are important for your child's cello lessons...

• A love of music nurtured from a young age

• A patient, positive, supportive atmosphere in lessons and at home

• Parent involved with lessons and regular home practice

• Daily exposure to quality music (passive and active listening)

• Attention to proper technique from the beginning

• Being part of a music community


Benefits of Music Lessons:


• Encourages creativity
• Develops concentration, focus, self-control, memory
• Stimulates intellect, reasoning
• Gives knowledge of history through music


• Improves hand-eye coordination
• Develops fine motor skills
. Gives posture awareness


• Encourages aesthetic appreciation
• Music is a means for emotional expression
• Develops self-confidence
• Gives feeling of accomplishment
• Music is an outlet for spiritual worship


• Gives a shared activity with opportunity for communication
• Opportunity to perform for an audience
• Music is an international language

Organizational and Life Skills

• Teaches how to organize tasks, time and project management
• Develops problem solving abilities
• Gives experience in dealing with pressure
• Teaches giving and taking constructive criticism
• Teaches how to succeed

Evidence that musical training affects brain development of young children here.

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